Day Two:Albany just gets more beautiful. (Part 2: afternoon)

 So,that same day afternoon after a simple lunch of pasta and halal labelled sauce with salad that we bought from IGA,our favourite store since our stay here in Albany (something about it that has Sheng Siong touch you know),we explored Albany's best kept not that secret pretty places at the opposite side from where we went this morning.We drove by the coast with so pretty houses on the hills.The houses there were built on sloping hills that captured my admiration for its unique ground arrangements and the yards were always colourful with whats left of Spring flowers.These places that we visited on that day were not far from our apartment,say about less than 30 minutes drive.Ok let the pictures do the yakking..

delighted upon seeing a halal label on jar, alhamdulillah.quick fix 

chomp vegetarian style :)

beautiful drive by the coast,before we even reached to the real thang

Middleton Beach,very cold windy and we loved it.

A nice place to simply sit and immerse in the beauty.Allahu Akbar.

no noise,just waves and the mind at peace

These little pink head birds (look like parakeets really).Many of them.

Sammy the Seal...a happy friendly seal that was loved by many but got betrayed to its end :(

It is not an everyday thing in Singapore to see pelicans hanging around like this.They are truly elegant beautiful creatures...and they're big.

The caption by Hassan.That much love for Australia.

We ended our day reluctantly.Because we fell in love with Albany deeply.This side of nature that we had never seen before and immersed in.Indescribable beauty.We wished we could stretch our stay here longer than Perth.Well,probably next time. (get that pocket fat first :D) So if you are heading to WA or making plans to tour,it is so worth the 4/5 hour drive from the main city to here and stretch your stay.So much serenity you can sense.

Feeling 44 today.

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