Day Three: Farewell Albany.Hello Augusta Cape Leeuwin and Margaret River.

Corner Lion St,outside the apartment,before 5am sky.
Fajr or Subuh was 3ish am in Albany,Margaret River and Perth.Syuruk or sunrise is 5ish am.Waking up the kids to pray was not that easy at first with the timing way earlier than Singapore's.They got the hang of it somehow in later days.I am a light sleeper so I did the waking call on most days there.Hee.I loved waking up in a new environment like this.Early,cold and the sky not as dark but like dimly lit lamp shines over.4.30ish am looked like 6am Singapore time,or so.5am onwards so bright and alive like 7am onwards homeland.Loved the cold damp morning,sometimes the birds chirping and the crows getting loud.I loved the different experience of morning and how things looked like outside.New and so coolly calming.If you have plans to come here between June and November,bring your jacket/s.May/June till October might be the coldest season.Winter thru Spring.December is Summer but being in the South,it is cold unlike Perth City.
So,it was time to say bye bye to Albany baby.After breakfast of leftover dinner and Singapore noodles,we packed and handed the key to a lady named Heather I think and she gave a warm goodbye before left.Hati berat mau pergi...

Just outside our apartment,last look then byebye.

On the way to Augusta for my other dream destinantion.
It was another 4 hour plus drive to the next town of Augusta.We were heading to Cape Leeuwin to see the dreamy lighthouse and its surrounding of hills and ocean.South and Indian oceans meet at that subhanallah.We passed a few towns before reaching Augusta.The backroads were truly an adventure for us.It was raining on and off and with the thick woods,bushes and all as if encaving us while on the quiet backroads,I did feel a bit creepy but in a delicious way.Sadly we saw dead kangaroos and a few little local creatures on the road.I read that kangaroos tend to get active by early evening and they do not have that sense of risk or in danger when they hop on the roads...sometimes in a sudden.Some road accidents occured due to that.Kesian.I read also that moving vehicles sometimes have no choice but to run over them as they cannot make that brake in the last minute and to avoid being in danger themselves by accident.Hence we avoid driving on such roads when sunset and onwards.So anyone who wants to make road trips here,try to avoid driving too late in the afternoon that is almost sunset/evening.If you simply have to,drive slow and according to speed limits there.Do not speed although there is absence of other vehicles front and back.Follow the road rules nicely and respectfully ok.

The towns before Augusta.

interesting things to see as we drive by

reminds me kebun getah when driving in Malaysia

a bit more and we're there..yey

And we're here.Very very cold and windy.Terpeleot my tudung sampaikan...:P
 I was so swooned by the sight of Cape Leeuwin.Even before we reached there proper,the sights from afar was subhanallah...no words can describe.Please make your stop here if you happened to be in WA anytime.Truly mesmerising.Oceans,hills and lighthouse.Postcard perfect.Allah Maha Cantik.

 We paid for basic entrance fee of audio assisted and going around the grounds.You can take the a hundred and seventy odd steps of the lighthouse till the top with a guide with a different fee.We didnt take that one,just the basic.What you may get to enjoy when you do go your way up there,you may spot the meeting point of South and Indian ocean.And sometimes whales as well.Needless to say,the fantastic view of the surroundings from bird's eye view.For us,we just gallivant around hahahah!Very very windy and do wear your jacket as the cold wind can be intidmidating.Those wearing hijab,better to wear that instant hijab that sits nicely without much fabric flaggings like mine did.Senget awning aku kat situ :D Lyn's jacket saved me from freezing. Heheee.Thank you Mak Lyn <3

I love love love this view.

This cow has a story.But I did not pay attention to it.Couldnt wait to get close to the lighthouse.

Pretty in white

A lookout point.The frontier is surreal.

The keepers used these buildings.Listen to the audio to know more.Melancholic somehow.

The bays before the lighthouse.

Looks like Scotland to me.Foggy and all :)

So after much oohs and ahhs and such,we ended our frolicking and made our way to Margaret River hotel.We stayed there for a night before embarking to Perth via road trip again.That would be 3 hour plus drive.Ok got wedding to attend.Till the next post.Happy Weekends!

Margaret River hotel.Time to rest and have late lunch.

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