Day Two: Albany is Beautiful (Part 1 morning)

Beautiful.Too mediocre a word.Let's say, Albany is indescribable.
We started our morning to several places that I dreamt of visiting.I saw those pictures on the net and I wanted to feel those pictures for real this time.Only one place we couldn't visit because it was under construction.That was Torrindurup National Park.So we had to miss the Gap and Bridge.It'll be ready next year I guess.But hey,there were other places we could and wished we could stretch our time there.After breakfast of leftover pastries and noodles from Singapore,we headed to 'my dreams'.All free,no charge except for the Discovery Wildlife park or they call the place as Whale World as the main attraction but we didnt go to the whale museum.So,safe to say somehow, best things in life can be free.Here they are.

Yet to reach our destination and this view already made us excited and swooned.

have path,will run

Subhanallah.Windfarm and ocean together,speechless.

I like.
close up,wangging away
pretty bush plants

can cry

Creating memories with Subhanallah

Alhamdulillah.I have to finish my travel posts before the 19th because that date onwards,I'll be busy with my kids' next lap in their academic lives with postings to their Secondary School/s and make registrations and buying of books/uniforms thereafter.And got to sit with them as they go through their new books for some little reads.Mentally prep sort of.All the same,I do enjoy sharing here with whomever is following and hopping here.Till part 2!

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