Day Nine and Ten:Ended with a Blast...yes,fireworks :)

 Finally,this last post would be a combination of two day journal.It was a Sunday on the nineth day there.Since our rented whitey was returned the previous day,we planned to have a 'blend with the locals' day in town.Took free CATBUS to and fro.It was an easy journey.You can never get lost in syaa Allah.One thing that was sweet in this trip,almost everything is tourist friendly.And we were so glad we itinerary this trip ourselves alhamdulillah.It was not hard to find halal food,free transport,rent a car,less pricey apartment hotel but with EVERYTHING in it,warm and helpful locals,cool breeze,serenity etc etc.Husband just mentioned that the if there was a next time,we would do a lighter budget trip than this one in syaa Allah.Since all of us are ONE kaki,no mr/miss fussy,no shopoholics just nature lovers,make do with everything less and thankful with anything extra,make the best of every moment and everything else that is simple and non too ambitious,a cheap trip to Australia especially here in WA is affordable in syaa Allah.There are a few pretty places that are free to enjoy like Lake Monger,Kings Park,Swan River,London Court (window shop and immerse in the brief walk of London aura) you know...simply joy like these,is quite enough for us to find joy and make sweetmemories  out of them.Oh yes,there are a few beautiful beaches also!!But we did not stretch till there.Maybe next trip heheheee.

And on the Tenth day,well,it was the day to bid farewell WA.Kind of sad lah but I did miss home and looked forward to being a good resident of Pandan Gardens,resume...hahahhahah!!!But truly,I love my estate.Small quiet and lots of water around :) So we checked out with a chirpy bye bye to the morning shift staff of the apartment and took a taxi to the airport.We were early.So ample time to fill in departure forms for all.Nothing much to declare,not as strict as arrival procedure.Since we had a few hours as tourist before taking off,sat in a cafe and the boys went to the praying room fo zuhr.Still got an hour or less to hang around,we went to a little shop that sells books and candies and souvenirs.Bought myself a book with the balance I had with me and some packets of chocs for the boys and for our loved ones back home as well.The airport was going through renovation or upgrading rather.Cannot compare with Changi lah ok.

Touched down around 7ish pm.We ate dinner at the kopitiam in the terminal that we arrived.It felt soooooooooooo goood to be back in Singapore.The people,well,not as readily smiling as what we sometimes experienced in Australia but its okay,we embraced that in our living years already right...no sweat,respect the differences all the same.It was so good to see our makan culture at the kopitiam enjoying local foods,even the cashiers in the stalls made me smile.Because all these are so familiar and I could relate to...unique Singapore.Alhamdulillah.

My boys had chicken rice,husband of rice and dishes,and myself...mee soto.Alhamdulillah.Took a taxi home and masya Allah,what a happy relief to be home again.The boys missed their rooms.I missed my kitchen and bed.So happy not much laundry to do as we did mostly in the apartment hotel in Perth.Simply stack and put in the cupboard...voila!!The washing machine and dryer helped a lot to lessen my jet lag.Ala...not much jet lag lah.5 hours of flight journey is still ok...with the entertainment and food inflight,the hours in the plane to me lah,was just nice.I enjoyed the flight a lot.SQ is good.The stewards and stewardesses were fast and attentive.Although there was one during our flight to homeland,who seemed like showed not much interest in her work ke aper because she shuffled herself without saying a word or gesture when I asked her if where she had stood was our row of seats (pretend politeblur la i know that row was ours) as she was standing there to err...'welcome' passengers hahhaha!Oh well,the rest were pretty efficient and focused.Flight food was yum...got my favourite spiced eggplants.My kids didnt eat those so I ngaps them all.Heeee.

Alhamdulillah...we were truly happy and contented with our Australia trip.And best it had been within our budget and happy we managed to control our spending there.10 days at that.Sweet sweet sweet.Would love to make a going back...got to fill those pockets first lah eh,dun berangan jauh2 yet.So here are the pics of our final days there.Oh yeah...the night before we leave for home,there were fireworks just infront of our window apartment.Sweet ending wasnt it!!Ya Allah..macam tetau kita nak balik besoknyer.Heee.Well,the fireworks was from a christmas pageant in the streets there.Nothing to do with us la hahha!But we felt happy anyways. :)

Hope you find this travel journal helpful someday.It is affordable if we can keep it simple and do some research to places that wont cost a bomb or simply free like the pretty beaches and cliff oceans in Albany,Cape Leeuwin and more.My favourite was Windfarm and Cape Leeuwin.Mesmerising till today and counting.I believe we missed lots of more beautiful nature finds there but we could only travel so much so far in only 10 days right.So,yeah...do consider these places and more ok.Alhamdulillah for this mesmerising trip.

Took free catbus to here.Only a few bus stops from our apartment.There was a kiddy carnival going on.Very vibrant alive and happy mood here.

Famfie in the midst of rest and relax.

Inside London Court.There are little touristy shops.Look see look see is enough lah.

I thought these are plastic or bedek flowers.These are real lah you...so pretty you know,like toys.

I love the victorian feel.

Can't remember hay street mall or murray...takpelah,got nice flowers...see.

A contrast with the rest of the modern building.

The front entrance to London Court,

Ok I miss this view.The view on our way to the apartment room.

Last breakfast before we leave.Boohoo you know.We tried to clean everything what was left before we...left.

Outside our room.I love the bricks.Initially I did not like it much.

See lah what the tee shirt says.Notee right.Ok dont blame my son,I chose that..and he likes it...hahahahhah!!!

Buhbye buhbye Australia ku sayanggg....

Hassan snapped this.Perth downunder while we were upover.See ya good Australia.You are kind and pretty and nice.I recommend you in my blog ok :D

Ok,just a little note.You may ask me anything that interests you here ok.Anytime anymonth any year as long as I am still alive :) in syaa Allah.


Day Eight : Fremantle and King's Park,Perth.

My heart feels for the families of those on board flight AirAsia that went missing till now and our neighbours coping with flood,lack of food,shelter,clean water etc due to floods in the different states.It has been an eventful year for Malaysia especially and at the same time,they may just be more resilient,stronger,cope better and more courageous in facing any adversity in syaa Allah.I teared as I watched family members looking out for names and whatnots and cried at the same time.How so painful.I hope there is a clear closure for all as soon as possible,the MH 370 inclusively aamiin.

So,eighth day this one.It was a Saturday.It was nearing to our departure for home sweet home.By this day,I felt a strong yearn for Singapore.Not much foodwise,heh...but my neighbourhood,the estate where I live with my family,the warm neighbours of  "good morning...makan already?..go out haa?...feed the cats?..ok byebye.." , the familiar faces of Pandan,the rain,....my cosy home that is so homey.Sigh.I want my Pandan Gardens so much at that time.So I distracted myself from being sappy and all by getting all prepped up for Fremantle,a few minutes from Perth City only.A harbour town with ships,yachts,ferry and a nice waterfront view.We skipped the famous fremantle market and went ahead to Eshed that is open only on Friday Saturday and Sunday,9am to 5pm.I read a lot about this particular souvenir shop inside Eshed that sells truly cheap pretty stuff from sweatshirts to compact mirrors.All pretty and....pretty.The owner is from Singapore,very friendly,always ready to assist,and the biggie favourite that we felt in this man was,he was truly honest.His suggestions and as if he could read his customers' minds what to get,what's cheap and worth it and a heartfelt 'warning' he gave was to be careful of those stuff that was made of pig's leather,and saw a handwritten sign saying made of pig's leather/khinzir (yes,it spelt khinzir) over a bunch of pretty purses where he hung high,which I guessed,so that muslims would not accidentally touch them before reading the sign.I told him he was so honest with the customers and said thank you to him.Awesome gesture isn't it,yes he is a Chinese and his I think,son was as nice also,suggesting what better stuff to get with a good price and all...not the kind who talk 'big business' by sweet talk us into buying something expensive but worth it bla bla bla kelentong orang punya style...no not from this shop at all.

So...if you happened to make your way to Fremantle,and wanting to get some good cute pretty souvenirs that I dare say....wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cheaper than those selling in the city,do go here Megabes Souvernir Shop.Cheap goods but good quality...like a sweatshirt can cost $15 in Perth City but here in Megabes,it sells $6.90.Ok rub eyes faster.....$6.90 you!!!depends on cutting patterns you like...below $10 okay most of them.Nice ones not kopet kopet kind.I didnt get any sweatshirts lah,haiyoh when to wear in Singapore.Unless you have friends or family living in colderclimate countries lah like Australia,cold  between May and October/November.So I got a few stuff for our loved ones back home.My boys macam tak nak balik..they actually returned to the shop after the first loot to get more stuff.Eh,I also lah hehee.And add the best price,service was warm and friendly like meeting and old friend.I was welcomed by a sweet lady in hijab named Yanti.And a few more malays I reckoned were students..welcoming us warmly and to see us again when we left (so right,they did see us again hahaha).I got a feeling we were not alone making encores hhehheheee.

There were other shops selling interesting stuff as well and very enticing but alhamdulillah our nafs in control still hehehheee....not easy ok!Had lunch of halal kebabs and simply rest and relax.What a slow laid back feeling we had eversince we touched down WA.Almost everyone was not in a hurry scurry.They looked so happy even the cleaners,smiling and so cheery doing their job.Cool.

Then we headed to King's Park,an encore since the first time it was raining and had to scoot for the guys' Jumuah.It was slightly crowded with picnickers...another pretty calm sight of families on grasses,sitting chatting eating kids running...typical sight.I felt happy with what I see,everybody having a good family bonding time.My boys could not resist rolling down the slopes a few times and play catching.It is a beautiful park indeed,overlooking Swan River,Perth City and more.We lepak there for a while and then we had to head to our apartment before my husband returned the rented car.Aww..bye bye whitey.It was an awesome smooth toyota.No trouble,always comfy.Husain accompanied his father to Bayswater rental place...simple return.Drop key and park.Thats it,simple as that..Although the office had closed.Alhamdulillah,no new scratches,bumps etc to report.Easy right.

Then from there,the heroes had to take a bus to go back to the apartment.A free bus though,it is called CAT bus,and they're taking the yellow catbus and conveniently stopped slightly right under the nose of our apartment.Nice.They reviewed the bus trip and we planned to round the streets and shops the next day by CATBUS.Husain told almost everyone alighting hollered a thank you to the driver.How polite.Nice right.So I could not wait for the next day to come,our final whole day in Perth.

Ok..pictures as usual..

The shop we adore.Price and stuff...candy to the eyes,easy on the pocket.

Chance upon Malaysian students and chat for a while.While waiting for them to finish,we take picture,photo bomb all lah.

Some buildings infront of where we parked our car.

Where there are stalls of interesting things and souvenirs inside.I love the structure.

Somewhere in Fremantle.

Inside Eshed,the stall where we had our kebab lunch.Yumm.

At King's Park.Breathetaking view.

The twin brothers sit and relax like most people there.How calming.

Famfie <3

Saw this.

Another great view from King's Park.

Irresistable ok.But I didnt...hahahhahah!!Go ahead kids...tak kena fine golek sini.

Swan River and the highway.

Names of those who fought in WW2.

Perth City from King's Park.

You can read the names of the brave people who fought in the War.

Not Lavender

Don't know the name for these but pretty.

Another unique tree.


King's Park is gorgeous..more gorgeous of Perth City panaroma when at night.

Ok bye bye whitey...our dear rented car,always a good 'boy'.

Waiting for a YELLOW CATBUS.There is a screen telling how long more till your colour bus arrives.Cool isnt it.


Day Seven : Kings Park (sort of heh..) and Mirrabooka Masjid

 Something to kwang kwang kwang at myself.If you had followed my Oz travel journal since my post of Day One till this one here,I told that I met Elaine who is a Sarawakian living in Perth at King's Park on Day Five right.Wrong la.I met her on the 7th day,the post of this day that I should be writing about that one.Muddled a bit with King's Park story probably due to an encore visit we had to there and fumbled with the first and encore visit.Sorry naik Lorry k. :P Ok...so,here are some pictures what I missed showing on the 5th day post.After Lake Monger,we went driving around Swan River.We tried to find the best spot to park and sit by the river.I read if we were lucky,we could see dolphins swimming.The river is not like longkang river or canal river may see in Singapore eh...no.It is HUGE HUGE HUGE almost like a sea.Very beautiful.So drove around the streets by Swan River and we could not find a great spot actually and it was raining lightly already.So,all we did was sit in the car and drove around the vicinity.I enjoyed looking at the huge mansions,terraces and big houses that were there,with beautiful flowered lawns and awesome looking architecture of the houses.Ni kawasan orang kaya agaknyer macam citer 90210 dulu2. After much driving around,we made our way to King's Park.Haaa....this one lah then I should story about meeting the lady.Hehe.Ok very obit of me like this lah right.So,I cut and paste from post day5 to here lah about meeting Elaine..

*After hanging around the Lake,we drove to King's Park where I met Elaine,a Sarawakian lady who has been living in different parts of Australia,Perth this time with her family.We got started by admiring a pretty bush and she told me how pretty the flowers were.I thought she was a filipino at first and we chatted for quite a while till my husband joined us.It was a very great feeling to be able to meet a fellow 'malay speaking' lady although she is a bidayuh but we chatted like aunty2 sharing notes about schools,children,places and more.For a while,it didnt feel like in Australia but either in Malaysia or Singapore with the alamaks and all hahahhah!! so happy to have met her as she is a very very nice lady who just made feel so comfy to be gila2 also.Exchanged numbers and made our way to the car as it was raining.We bade goodbyes and hugs and last minutes photo together and realized I did not get to snap any pictures except for shrubs and barks hahahaha...I was enjoying myself with Elaine so much that I forgot all about the park actually.Well,we did make a return to this park in the next few days.This place is awesome also.Later posts of the pictures ya.*

Ok picture talk now...

This little blue 'house' we saw while driving along Swan River.Cute but lonely looking.

The yachts we saw,still Swan River this place is.Not a fantastic spot to sit and stare lah this side.Probably my no interest in boats :P We moved on.

So,after meeting and bye bye to Elaine at King's Park,we scoot to Masjid AlTaqua in Mirrabooka for my heroes to pray solat Jumaat.Like I told,Mirrabooka is one of the places in Perth we all had confidence already heh.I was too shy to come out from the car to walk around or explore because so many male muslims heading to the the masjid were walking everywhere in the premise.So I managed to snap a quick one of the masjid you can see right here after the coast was clear and no males trickling to here anymore.After I snapped this picture,I wanted to snap the lawn in the masjid premise.I did not enter the masjid needless to say lah.Sekali someone (a lady,made a short stop while on her way to the masjid steps in front of my being outside the masjid) hollered and asked "why I took pictures for?!".I thought that was not so nice,that tone and the look she gave.I would prefer a salam from a fellow sister but obviously she did not know the preference lah kan.Oh well...I did what I think would do best for both of us.I gave her a smile and point my finger upwards (err..not middle ok,pointer..pointer).She looked at me,still waiting.I looked at her also.Silently.Just gestures,not a single word needed from me.Then she shook her head (tak reti apa kita buat tu gaknyer) and made her way in.Done and over.Hope she could pray or whatever she needed to do in there,peacefully.

Ok,nevermind if I looked gila to her or could not figure me out at my response..But we could have a pleasant chat otherwise right.Well,I see that as an isolated case lah.I believe there were others who would be more pleasant.And saying that,probably she is a nice person after all in other times.Just probably there might be a reason why she had to be that way,to a 'stranger' me,probably being cautious or careful just in case.Oh well,I went back into the car and wrote in my journal whilst waiting for the men.I could hear the sermon well.Subhanallah nice.Saying this just brings back the words by Australians on how they would protect Muslims in public after the cafe incident.Australians are generally very very pleasant and warm people.In my opinion,thus far I was there,nobody turned us down when we needed help or simply say good day and all.They are simply nice people.And my whole time in hijab when out there,I never received any smirk,lashes etc,not a germ.Ok,that take picture incident at the masjid,she did not look local.Yeah..irony how I got that one from her right heh.I told my boys to bring the beauty in Islam wherever they go,in Australia as well no less.Islam is beautiful indeed.The religion is purely love charity beauty and more.It is so sad that Islam is used as a tool by people they call themselves muslims for their own agenda and such.Islam is giving love,showing care and working together..so many beautiful things that this religion teaches.True believers do not kill innocent people...muslims and non muslims.

The humble looking masjid Al Taqua in Mirrabooka.So nice to see so many muslimin flocking together smiling and all when they meet the brothers in islam on the way.

As my big and little men returned to the car,I felt a huge relieve and happiness.Not sure why.And husband bought two boxes of nasi lemak no less!Yes nasi lemak melayu style betol with anchovies peanuts sambal tumis and all that fragrance of the nasi lemak you can smell at home.Yes there were quite a number of malays walking to the masjid so I guess it is quite common to be able to find such food sold in the masjid premise.And sort of comfort food for homesick expats or tourists like me.Homesick for malay food heh heh.We shared that for dinner.Really delicious,truly malay cooking.I missed my lomak cili api ikan sepat there.I missed the belacan dishes of sorts.Well,in just 7 days,I missed malay food eh...I can imagine those who live here or miles away from homeland,they would miss even more.

Ok I got to stop here for now.Till the next post...


Day Six : Caversham Wildlife,Perth.

After breakfast,we got ready for the most looked forward trip when in Perth City,that was to the Caversham Wildlife in Whiteman Park.At this time of typing,I felt a bit sombre due to the serious bushfire that was happening at Whiteman Park,close to Caversham Wildlife..a week or so after we left for home sweet home.I was thinking about the animals that might be possible living in the bushes of Whiteman Park and further.I hope non was harmed or hurt by the fire.

So,we made our way to here,looking forward to feeding the many many roos there and petting them as many of them as possible.So here!

Made our way to the payment booth.

After admiring the birds,tasmanian devil,wombat n a very shy koala...this is the place to chill and get along with the happy hoppers.This roo is too cute.I shot it looking this way hahahhah!

The little ones.Banyak makan,banyak 'kluar' jugak...watch your steps! heheee...

This adorable mommy roo seemed to be happy eating away whilst the joey in pocket seemed to be eager in getting out.And it actually did!It tried to hop but wobbly,sooo cute a sight really!But we were not allowed to touch it as it was too young and almost fragile.Subhanallah...simply delightful.

Some kangaroos penat makan,tukang kasi makan pun macam penat ajer...looking at this one,I truly miss stroking and petting them what love energy I can pass them.

That feeling when we sat and they approached.Sayang naa...

Stroke by using the back of your hand and do not touch their food of leaves.We were reminded.

We spent longest time at the roos enclosure.You do not have to buy roo food there.There is a huge bin of roo food and you simply grab a handful and feed.You may take and feed as many times as you want.Nice right :) To the souvenir shop and we left.All tired and hungry.Went for a kebab lunch at Mirrabooka Square (we are getting comfy there).I must say,the lunch was a pleasant experience indeed.We ordered a very basic meal and the elderly staff came with xtras that we did not opt for.We did not touch the food until he served the next plate for my son and told him we did not order the sides that were in our plates but we would pay for them despite.The 'grandpa' staff gestured his hand telling it is okay,it is okay...enjoy them with no charge.How could we not like him and feel touched? We thanked him many times and he asked me if we needed any sauces and whatnots.We were very happy and heartened by his service and all.A man who came out from the counter whom we thought was the owner or manager somekind stopped and ask if we enjoyed the food.This is not a hi class dining restaurant ok...but the service was simply warming.Nice...really nice.And we did some shopping for dinner later,masak2 lah.And we ended our day.Wholesome happiness...alhamdulillah.With Allah's mercy protection and grace that we all got to enjoy our days here.

Our loot of masak2 makan2 things from Mirrabooka Square....this one our first grocery shopping.Macam baru balik dari Sheng Siong.


Day Five : Lake Monger and Mirrabooka,Perth. *edited 23/12/14*

We had breakfast of Mrs Macs meat pies that is quite popular in this country.Halal certified and very delicious as well.It had quite a variety of fillings and it does come various shapes of pies.I came to know about this pie from a blog whilst I was doing my itinerary homeworks of halal foods,what and where.Of the three kind of fillings in this pie,I love the Chilli beef and cheese.So gooey and yummy and fun to eat especially when hot.One pie filled me well and satisfied already.I bought my first pies from the hotel lobby minimart and the other from a halal meat shop which I will talk about later.

Since there was no oven in the apartment,I heat it with microwave one.It might tastes better when in oven.

I was so excited when I found this in the minimart,frozen section.If you want spicy,choose chilli beef and cheese.Cannot fail, that one.

After breakfast,we planned to take a morning walk at Lake Monger.Did I ever tell you in any of the posts so far that this was my second trip to Perth? I was in my early 20s the first time.And Lake Monger was one of the places that we visited.I went with my aunt and friends and we had a reallllly good time together.And coming here again was such a wonderful nostalgic moment.I was looking for black swans but they were not there this time.It was such a tranquil place to be,just sit and be dreamy just like the beautiful blue water rippling quietly as the gulls and ducks minding their own business on the grass and water.I love love love this place.Perthians...best lah you all ada ni tau.Runners,habitual joggers etc...this is THE PLACE for you to have rounds and rounds of runs in the serenity of Lake Monger.I didnt run.I just wanted to sit stare and empty my mind.Think nothing but consciously happy.

The gulls and ducks and parrots in the trees.Hidup rukun ajer walau berbeza.We can also right :)

Ducks,why are you so peaceful..

Jiwas halus si Hassan

I friend you..you friend me?

We made our way to Mirrabooka (hai...macam ma rabbuka bunyiknyer ek,gerun japs) to do some grocery shopping at Coles.This is a great place for shopping as there were so many clothing shop,foodcourt,and 4 different supermarkets under one roof.Super indeed.So many muslimah in hijab that I chanced upon in every few steps.I felt sort of comforted somehow heh.

Went to Coles,alamak it was hard to find asian veges so had to made to with snapped peas potatoes and baby spinach.Got bottles of ginger n garlic pastes and onion powder as soup base.Saw an array of asian spices sauces and whatnots there as well..instant noodles too.Ikan bilis also but expensive la for a small packet.Got oyster sauce to my trolley.Then grabbed a small packet of 2kg rice.Got help from a very kindly Mid Eastern looking family to tell us where to head to for halal meat that is so popular with the muslim community there.He offered to walk us there but we had to politely say no as he was with his little brood and wife.We were touched by his gesture much.We headed to the information counter as well to know the exact direction to this meat place and the blond lady was so very helpful and assuring that we will get to find the shop and all meat is halal.Cool.

Alhamdulillah,here we are already.Gerams to see meat like rimau.A pleasant feeling to see a malay lady in hijab in the shop.This is where I bought my chilli beef cheese pie.Tak abis2 promote pie.

We bought bbq chicken at a good price and a few steaks that I thought was marinated in satay spices althought it didnt say that.

Siapppp! The rice we bought from Coles (a housebrand) had to add more water than the usual amount I would do to my rice at home.3 cups of rice,I had to put 4/5 cups of water.Anyways,we enjoyed this homecooked warm meal :)

After a good hearty lunch,we rest in the room the rest of the day.It was a late lunch,yeah..our meals had been so irregular timewise eversince we reached Oz.Glad nobody got any symptoms of gastritis or the likes.Mirrabooka is really a great place for food shopping.Facing the meat shop is a fruit shop that sells cheap fruits.If you'd like to go there by car,make sure you park in the appropriate zone as  different parking zones have different time limit.For eg,4 hr parking zone,15 min parking zone etc etc.Parking is free all the same so despite it being free,civic minded is always good ok.Being loud and kiasu all this,leave at home,dont bring here la hor.

 It was summer and it was so very hot or rather scorching to my skin.I had rashes those days in Perth but alhamdulillah,gels,creams and whatnots to the rescue that I brought from home.I sort of expected it as I have this heat allergy on my top hands.Buey tahan gatal sey.Anyways,I enjoyed Perth that day and looking forward to an exciting new day the next.Till the next post of Caversham Wildlife...gbye mate!

*sorry sorry gua naik lorry...I fumbled on the date I met Elaine from Sarawak.We met her on the 7th day lah haiyahh.Kena makan gingko nuts banyak2.*