Day Three ( continued) : Margaret River,to rest and relax.

So,we reached Margaret River at almost 3pm from Cape Leeuwin to see the lighthouse and more.It was an hour drive only from there.But we felt tired all the same after much frolicking at the lighthouse compound.I'd love to stay longer at Cape Leeuwin,you know,just sit there and stare at the God Given Beauty but we had to leave,for dear husband to rest after the 4 hour drive from Albany and an obligation that we had to do before time was up.

It was a pleasant drive as usual.We had to pass the caves that a cousin had suggested due to exhaustion.Truly,if we could,we would shorten our stay in Perth and spent more days in Albany and Margaret River.Well,there's always something you learnt from travelling right.All the same,we know better now if there was a next time in syaa Allah.No regrets lah eh..Perth pun best jugak... (kasi hati sedap) :D

We were so hungry.Upon reaching the hotel (we thought),we realised it was the hotel lobby building and we had to check in first before we drove behind it where the units were.We were welcomed by a very cheery happy staff.Whoah what a very warm welcome.First time such zeal in her gesture and all...sweet lady she was.Then we had to drive to our unit,just behind the check in office building,parked our car and little sweet looking garden welcomed us that surrounded the hotel terraces.

The check in office.Waa..itu budak tegak bagai jaga hotel.

The street facing the check in office.Lots of supermarkets.No worries when hungry :P

Chak!.Makcik Pandan too shy to come out properly to pose.

The very pretty garden that surprised me at the other door.

The unit is good for 5 people.3 singles and one queen.I love this arrangement.

So pretty right.Outside a neighbour's room.

We freshened up and more and off to fill our hungry tummy.It was so easy to find kebab shops in the towns we stayed.Like this one,just a few minutes walk from the hotel and voila,kebab!kebab!mari makan kebab!Alhamdulillah,although it said kebab,we searched for halal logo or signs which took me quite sometime for this one,ohhh..terselit situ.Alhamdulillah,halal kebab it is.Yummmm meeee!

yey...too tired to cook anything,anyways I thought the hotel had stove but microwave only so nevermind,take away kebab sudah..

Alhamdulillah,big portions.Look at those burgers...the buns were delicious and they were not normal bread buns but turkish bread recipe.Chewy and so so yummy.Husain n I had fish n chips.

After lunch we walked to Coles supermarketfor juice and breakfast bread.So happy to find turkish loaf there.Husain had a chocolate milk fix eversince Albany and the brand had to be CHILL.Mana2 also nak CHILL...

It was so cold in Margaret River,I had to zip up the jacket fully and snuggle my hands in the pockets.11 to14 deg celcius.And it was supposed to be Summer already but I loved the cold because back home,I wouldnt be able to feel this chilly temperature.I can withstand cold but not heat much.Rashes lah.So we ended our day with tv and simply relax on the comfy bed.It was a pleasure to watch reruns of old comedies and family dramas aired on Australian tv like Skippy,Friends,Mash,Laverne and Shirley,Brady Bunch and more.A true delight to watch those shows in Australia.Nice...very nice.

Ok till the next post.I am enjoying this a lot.I hope,if not now,someday this journal will be of help to those who has travelling plans as this.Due to my experience scrambling for infos and bloggers' experiences travelling in WA and how those helped me a lot (bless them all aamiin) in getting our trip smooth,confidently and easy,I thought I could do the same for someone or more someday like this, in syaa Allah.

Woraitt..See ya again mate!

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