Day Four : From Margaret River to Perth City

Tata Margaret River.Yep,we did not explore Margaret River much.It was a place for us to rest and get ready for the next road trip to the main city,our last destination before we got home sweet home.There are interesting caves and valleys that are worth stopping by.But we had to pass those places anyways.So,after breakfast of leftover dinner and breakfast bread,we made our way to the highway of Busselton that directs us to Perth.Sigh...we missed the small towns we stopped and passed by really.Perth is much like Shenton Way Singapore,people walking fast,traffic kept busy but not as heavy as Singapore lah.The roads sort of turned quiet by 6pm onward as most workplaces finish by 5pm or so.But there were beautiful parks thats worth the trip to.So,picture talk yeah..


There were roadworks on our way.Got to wait about 15 to 20 mins before we could continue driving due because only one lane was opened for the two way drives.No tempers flared for the long wait,just respect and glad we could drive safely.

The highway name.I love road trips.

It took 3hr plus from Margaret River to reach Perth City.Delighted to get a glimpse of the city from here...nak kat sampai namanyer yey!

It was a beautiful sight from the expressway or freeway is that how they call it? The blue is Swan River.See,like Shenton Way right those high rise buildings all...

Inside the city already.Stark contrast to Albany and the rest of the towns we came from.

This was taken when we took a stroll along the road from our apartment.Love the mural about children.

The apartment hotel building we stayed for 6 nights.One of the best priced (you can say cheap) apartments with full facilities, in the city,facing an outlet shopping centre also, considering.You could see our room windows here.Just above the main entrance at 2nd level:D

It was a pleasant welcome by the hotel staff.There was a Malay staff (lived at the East side of Singapore before here)  who worked night shift whom my husband had a good long chat with.Very warm and friendly guy,who spoke Malay all the way like 'relek brudder' with my husband and offered to lend us a small rice cooker knowing I would do some cooking during our stay.Tak kerek or aksyen langsung lah although he had lived for 15 years in Australia.Cakap malay pun tak kaku...respect!!His wife works in this hotel too but I did not get to meet her.There were a few Malay tourists we bumped into and when that happened we gave each other a happy smile and once we had a brief 'awak dari mana' chat with the other.Happy happy lah because we all were having a good time here kan.This apartment was a second choice before we decided it to be first.Due to the reviews we read somewhere some saying not so positive feedbacks and others gave otherwise,we decided an apartment at Northbridge not too far from this one.Then we compared the price,equally equipped self contained facilities and all,but City Stay offered a cheap rate than most apartments we looked through.So since we stood by our budget,we chose this cheap one lah and alhamdulillah...we were glad we decided on this!

With a nearby bus station of CATBUS that passengers can enjoy free rides,seriously.And if you didnt feel like cooking anytime,there is ISPA,a halal kebab cafe at the shopping centre just across the road I mentioned.Also,a walking distance to hay st or murray st and kings park...this,for young people or those who have no problem walking without fear of leg cramps or injury lah.

Do I sound like promoting this hotel? Yes...very! Clean comfy cosy and fully equipped with facilities of sorts.Don't worry if you want to travel light.Bring little clothes because in this apartment,there are washing machine and dryer.So no need to fill till 30kg per luggage.Relax ok! :) If you need new clothes sort of,the outlet sells cheap clothings as well.

The dryer at the top,the washing machine below.Work well without any problem.

The lift that takes us to our room level.

Vending machines if you want a quick fulfilled hunger pangs and just behind these machines,is a mini mart from tooth brushes to detergent (we bought a small tub for our washes) to tidbits to nutella to eggs,to halal pies etc...

Not so glamorous looking right,but rest assured,the rooms are very very cosy and clean and everything.I love the bricked walls outside and inside the room.Reminds me to huff and puff and blow the house down but cannot lah :D

The unit.Cosy living area with cute tv that also shows in house quite recent movies of Maleficent,Begin Again,Expendables etc...I loved Maleficent and If I Stay.Other times,classic dramas n comedies like Mash Friends Skippy..so nostalgic.This place area is always for snuggling together with the boys as we watched movies and munch on snacks.And yes,aircon is only in the living area but the bedrooms are cold too,a ceiling fan in each room.

The kitchen I heart.The bathroom ahead.

The boys' bedroom...cosy indeed.Sigh..I miss this.

Apa ada dalam cabinet.I used one pot from here.

Dining set.There are cute bottles  of salt and pepper.So no need to shop for those hee.

The outlet shopping centre (Waterfront) that is facing our room windows.We loved looking outside the windows and spot 'orang kita' walking along or crossing the traffic.Always a delight.
Alhamdulillah,we reached here safe and sound.We did not go further than a few steps from our apartment because we wanted to rest more.We went into the shopping centre but heh..we did not do any shopping here lah except for slushees from the kebab shop.And ate dinner of whats left of instant noodles from Singapore.Not intending to do any shopping although we chose this hotel which is popular amongst 'shop happy' travellers.We shopped for food more often.Although there were cheap branded items in this shopping centre but we didnt buy anylah.Hahahah...might find us boring and 'apalah rugi dah murah takmo beli' on us,but yeah...our trip here was purely to experience the country and its nature and not a shopping trip.Those who look for good priced branded stuff...this place might interests you okay.So...shop away!

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