Day Six : Caversham Wildlife,Perth.

After breakfast,we got ready for the most looked forward trip when in Perth City,that was to the Caversham Wildlife in Whiteman Park.At this time of typing,I felt a bit sombre due to the serious bushfire that was happening at Whiteman Park,close to Caversham Wildlife..a week or so after we left for home sweet home.I was thinking about the animals that might be possible living in the bushes of Whiteman Park and further.I hope non was harmed or hurt by the fire.

So,we made our way to here,looking forward to feeding the many many roos there and petting them as many of them as possible.So here!

Made our way to the payment booth.

After admiring the birds,tasmanian devil,wombat n a very shy koala...this is the place to chill and get along with the happy hoppers.This roo is too cute.I shot it looking this way hahahhah!

The little ones.Banyak makan,banyak 'kluar' jugak...watch your steps! heheee...

This adorable mommy roo seemed to be happy eating away whilst the joey in pocket seemed to be eager in getting out.And it actually did!It tried to hop but wobbly,sooo cute a sight really!But we were not allowed to touch it as it was too young and almost fragile.Subhanallah...simply delightful.

Some kangaroos penat makan,tukang kasi makan pun macam penat ajer...looking at this one,I truly miss stroking and petting them what love energy I can pass them.

That feeling when we sat and they approached.Sayang naa...

Stroke by using the back of your hand and do not touch their food of leaves.We were reminded.

We spent longest time at the roos enclosure.You do not have to buy roo food there.There is a huge bin of roo food and you simply grab a handful and feed.You may take and feed as many times as you want.Nice right :) To the souvenir shop and we left.All tired and hungry.Went for a kebab lunch at Mirrabooka Square (we are getting comfy there).I must say,the lunch was a pleasant experience indeed.We ordered a very basic meal and the elderly staff came with xtras that we did not opt for.We did not touch the food until he served the next plate for my son and told him we did not order the sides that were in our plates but we would pay for them despite.The 'grandpa' staff gestured his hand telling it is okay,it is okay...enjoy them with no charge.How could we not like him and feel touched? We thanked him many times and he asked me if we needed any sauces and whatnots.We were very happy and heartened by his service and all.A man who came out from the counter whom we thought was the owner or manager somekind stopped and ask if we enjoyed the food.This is not a hi class dining restaurant ok...but the service was simply warming.Nice...really nice.And we did some shopping for dinner later,masak2 lah.And we ended our day.Wholesome happiness...alhamdulillah.With Allah's mercy protection and grace that we all got to enjoy our days here.

Our loot of masak2 makan2 things from Mirrabooka Square....this one our first grocery shopping.Macam baru balik dari Sheng Siong.

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