Day Five : Lake Monger and Mirrabooka,Perth. *edited 23/12/14*

We had breakfast of Mrs Macs meat pies that is quite popular in this country.Halal certified and very delicious as well.It had quite a variety of fillings and it does come various shapes of pies.I came to know about this pie from a blog whilst I was doing my itinerary homeworks of halal foods,what and where.Of the three kind of fillings in this pie,I love the Chilli beef and cheese.So gooey and yummy and fun to eat especially when hot.One pie filled me well and satisfied already.I bought my first pies from the hotel lobby minimart and the other from a halal meat shop which I will talk about later.

Since there was no oven in the apartment,I heat it with microwave one.It might tastes better when in oven.

I was so excited when I found this in the minimart,frozen section.If you want spicy,choose chilli beef and cheese.Cannot fail, that one.

After breakfast,we planned to take a morning walk at Lake Monger.Did I ever tell you in any of the posts so far that this was my second trip to Perth? I was in my early 20s the first time.And Lake Monger was one of the places that we visited.I went with my aunt and friends and we had a reallllly good time together.And coming here again was such a wonderful nostalgic moment.I was looking for black swans but they were not there this time.It was such a tranquil place to be,just sit and be dreamy just like the beautiful blue water rippling quietly as the gulls and ducks minding their own business on the grass and water.I love love love this place.Perthians...best lah you all ada ni tau.Runners,habitual joggers etc...this is THE PLACE for you to have rounds and rounds of runs in the serenity of Lake Monger.I didnt run.I just wanted to sit stare and empty my mind.Think nothing but consciously happy.

The gulls and ducks and parrots in the trees.Hidup rukun ajer walau berbeza.We can also right :)

Ducks,why are you so peaceful..

Jiwas halus si Hassan

I friend you..you friend me?

We made our way to Mirrabooka (hai...macam ma rabbuka bunyiknyer ek,gerun japs) to do some grocery shopping at Coles.This is a great place for shopping as there were so many clothing shop,foodcourt,and 4 different supermarkets under one roof.Super indeed.So many muslimah in hijab that I chanced upon in every few steps.I felt sort of comforted somehow heh.

Went to Coles,alamak it was hard to find asian veges so had to made to with snapped peas potatoes and baby spinach.Got bottles of ginger n garlic pastes and onion powder as soup base.Saw an array of asian spices sauces and whatnots there as well..instant noodles too.Ikan bilis also but expensive la for a small packet.Got oyster sauce to my trolley.Then grabbed a small packet of 2kg rice.Got help from a very kindly Mid Eastern looking family to tell us where to head to for halal meat that is so popular with the muslim community there.He offered to walk us there but we had to politely say no as he was with his little brood and wife.We were touched by his gesture much.We headed to the information counter as well to know the exact direction to this meat place and the blond lady was so very helpful and assuring that we will get to find the shop and all meat is halal.Cool.

Alhamdulillah,here we are already.Gerams to see meat like rimau.A pleasant feeling to see a malay lady in hijab in the shop.This is where I bought my chilli beef cheese pie.Tak abis2 promote pie.

We bought bbq chicken at a good price and a few steaks that I thought was marinated in satay spices althought it didnt say that.

Siapppp! The rice we bought from Coles (a housebrand) had to add more water than the usual amount I would do to my rice at home.3 cups of rice,I had to put 4/5 cups of water.Anyways,we enjoyed this homecooked warm meal :)

After a good hearty lunch,we rest in the room the rest of the day.It was a late lunch,yeah..our meals had been so irregular timewise eversince we reached Oz.Glad nobody got any symptoms of gastritis or the likes.Mirrabooka is really a great place for food shopping.Facing the meat shop is a fruit shop that sells cheap fruits.If you'd like to go there by car,make sure you park in the appropriate zone as  different parking zones have different time limit.For eg,4 hr parking zone,15 min parking zone etc etc.Parking is free all the same so despite it being free,civic minded is always good ok.Being loud and kiasu all this,leave at home,dont bring here la hor.

 It was summer and it was so very hot or rather scorching to my skin.I had rashes those days in Perth but alhamdulillah,gels,creams and whatnots to the rescue that I brought from home.I sort of expected it as I have this heat allergy on my top hands.Buey tahan gatal sey.Anyways,I enjoyed Perth that day and looking forward to an exciting new day the next.Till the next post of Caversham Wildlife...gbye mate!

*sorry sorry gua naik lorry...I fumbled on the date I met Elaine from Sarawak.We met her on the 7th day lah haiyahh.Kena makan gingko nuts banyak2.*

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