Day Seven : Kings Park (sort of heh..) and Mirrabooka Masjid

 Something to kwang kwang kwang at myself.If you had followed my Oz travel journal since my post of Day One till this one here,I told that I met Elaine who is a Sarawakian living in Perth at King's Park on Day Five right.Wrong la.I met her on the 7th day,the post of this day that I should be writing about that one.Muddled a bit with King's Park story probably due to an encore visit we had to there and fumbled with the first and encore visit.Sorry naik Lorry k. :P Ok...so,here are some pictures what I missed showing on the 5th day post.After Lake Monger,we went driving around Swan River.We tried to find the best spot to park and sit by the river.I read if we were lucky,we could see dolphins swimming.The river is not like longkang river or canal river may see in Singapore eh...no.It is HUGE HUGE HUGE almost like a sea.Very beautiful.So drove around the streets by Swan River and we could not find a great spot actually and it was raining lightly already.So,all we did was sit in the car and drove around the vicinity.I enjoyed looking at the huge mansions,terraces and big houses that were there,with beautiful flowered lawns and awesome looking architecture of the houses.Ni kawasan orang kaya agaknyer macam citer 90210 dulu2. After much driving around,we made our way to King's Park.Haaa....this one lah then I should story about meeting the lady.Hehe.Ok very obit of me like this lah right.So,I cut and paste from post day5 to here lah about meeting Elaine..

*After hanging around the Lake,we drove to King's Park where I met Elaine,a Sarawakian lady who has been living in different parts of Australia,Perth this time with her family.We got started by admiring a pretty bush and she told me how pretty the flowers were.I thought she was a filipino at first and we chatted for quite a while till my husband joined us.It was a very great feeling to be able to meet a fellow 'malay speaking' lady although she is a bidayuh but we chatted like aunty2 sharing notes about schools,children,places and more.For a while,it didnt feel like in Australia but either in Malaysia or Singapore with the alamaks and all hahahhah!! so happy to have met her as she is a very very nice lady who just made feel so comfy to be gila2 also.Exchanged numbers and made our way to the car as it was raining.We bade goodbyes and hugs and last minutes photo together and realized I did not get to snap any pictures except for shrubs and barks hahahaha...I was enjoying myself with Elaine so much that I forgot all about the park actually.Well,we did make a return to this park in the next few days.This place is awesome also.Later posts of the pictures ya.*

Ok picture talk now...

This little blue 'house' we saw while driving along Swan River.Cute but lonely looking.

The yachts we saw,still Swan River this place is.Not a fantastic spot to sit and stare lah this side.Probably my no interest in boats :P We moved on.

So,after meeting and bye bye to Elaine at King's Park,we scoot to Masjid AlTaqua in Mirrabooka for my heroes to pray solat Jumaat.Like I told,Mirrabooka is one of the places in Perth we all had confidence already heh.I was too shy to come out from the car to walk around or explore because so many male muslims heading to the the masjid were walking everywhere in the premise.So I managed to snap a quick one of the masjid you can see right here after the coast was clear and no males trickling to here anymore.After I snapped this picture,I wanted to snap the lawn in the masjid premise.I did not enter the masjid needless to say lah.Sekali someone (a lady,made a short stop while on her way to the masjid steps in front of my being outside the masjid) hollered and asked "why I took pictures for?!".I thought that was not so nice,that tone and the look she gave.I would prefer a salam from a fellow sister but obviously she did not know the preference lah kan.Oh well...I did what I think would do best for both of us.I gave her a smile and point my finger upwards (err..not middle ok,pointer..pointer).She looked at me,still waiting.I looked at her also.Silently.Just gestures,not a single word needed from me.Then she shook her head (tak reti apa kita buat tu gaknyer) and made her way in.Done and over.Hope she could pray or whatever she needed to do in there,peacefully.

Ok,nevermind if I looked gila to her or could not figure me out at my response..But we could have a pleasant chat otherwise right.Well,I see that as an isolated case lah.I believe there were others who would be more pleasant.And saying that,probably she is a nice person after all in other times.Just probably there might be a reason why she had to be that way,to a 'stranger' me,probably being cautious or careful just in case.Oh well,I went back into the car and wrote in my journal whilst waiting for the men.I could hear the sermon well.Subhanallah nice.Saying this just brings back the words by Australians on how they would protect Muslims in public after the cafe incident.Australians are generally very very pleasant and warm people.In my opinion,thus far I was there,nobody turned us down when we needed help or simply say good day and all.They are simply nice people.And my whole time in hijab when out there,I never received any smirk,lashes etc,not a germ.Ok,that take picture incident at the masjid,she did not look local.Yeah..irony how I got that one from her right heh.I told my boys to bring the beauty in Islam wherever they go,in Australia as well no less.Islam is beautiful indeed.The religion is purely love charity beauty and more.It is so sad that Islam is used as a tool by people they call themselves muslims for their own agenda and such.Islam is giving love,showing care and working together..so many beautiful things that this religion teaches.True believers do not kill innocent people...muslims and non muslims.

The humble looking masjid Al Taqua in Mirrabooka.So nice to see so many muslimin flocking together smiling and all when they meet the brothers in islam on the way.

As my big and little men returned to the car,I felt a huge relieve and happiness.Not sure why.And husband bought two boxes of nasi lemak no less!Yes nasi lemak melayu style betol with anchovies peanuts sambal tumis and all that fragrance of the nasi lemak you can smell at home.Yes there were quite a number of malays walking to the masjid so I guess it is quite common to be able to find such food sold in the masjid premise.And sort of comfort food for homesick expats or tourists like me.Homesick for malay food heh heh.We shared that for dinner.Really delicious,truly malay cooking.I missed my lomak cili api ikan sepat there.I missed the belacan dishes of sorts.Well,in just 7 days,I missed malay food eh...I can imagine those who live here or miles away from homeland,they would miss even more.

Ok I got to stop here for now.Till the next post...

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