Day Eight : Fremantle and King's Park,Perth.

My heart feels for the families of those on board flight AirAsia that went missing till now and our neighbours coping with flood,lack of food,shelter,clean water etc due to floods in the different states.It has been an eventful year for Malaysia especially and at the same time,they may just be more resilient,stronger,cope better and more courageous in facing any adversity in syaa Allah.I teared as I watched family members looking out for names and whatnots and cried at the same time.How so painful.I hope there is a clear closure for all as soon as possible,the MH 370 inclusively aamiin.

So,eighth day this one.It was a Saturday.It was nearing to our departure for home sweet home.By this day,I felt a strong yearn for Singapore.Not much foodwise,heh...but my neighbourhood,the estate where I live with my family,the warm neighbours of  "good morning...makan already?..go out haa?...feed the cats?..ok byebye.." , the familiar faces of Pandan,the rain,....my cosy home that is so homey.Sigh.I want my Pandan Gardens so much at that time.So I distracted myself from being sappy and all by getting all prepped up for Fremantle,a few minutes from Perth City only.A harbour town with ships,yachts,ferry and a nice waterfront view.We skipped the famous fremantle market and went ahead to Eshed that is open only on Friday Saturday and Sunday,9am to 5pm.I read a lot about this particular souvenir shop inside Eshed that sells truly cheap pretty stuff from sweatshirts to compact mirrors.All pretty and....pretty.The owner is from Singapore,very friendly,always ready to assist,and the biggie favourite that we felt in this man was,he was truly honest.His suggestions and as if he could read his customers' minds what to get,what's cheap and worth it and a heartfelt 'warning' he gave was to be careful of those stuff that was made of pig's leather,and saw a handwritten sign saying made of pig's leather/khinzir (yes,it spelt khinzir) over a bunch of pretty purses where he hung high,which I guessed,so that muslims would not accidentally touch them before reading the sign.I told him he was so honest with the customers and said thank you to him.Awesome gesture isn't it,yes he is a Chinese and his I think,son was as nice also,suggesting what better stuff to get with a good price and all...not the kind who talk 'big business' by sweet talk us into buying something expensive but worth it bla bla bla kelentong orang punya style...no not from this shop at all.

So...if you happened to make your way to Fremantle,and wanting to get some good cute pretty souvenirs that I dare say....wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cheaper than those selling in the city,do go here Megabes Souvernir Shop.Cheap goods but good quality...like a sweatshirt can cost $15 in Perth City but here in Megabes,it sells $6.90.Ok rub eyes faster.....$6.90 you!!!depends on cutting patterns you like...below $10 okay most of them.Nice ones not kopet kopet kind.I didnt get any sweatshirts lah,haiyoh when to wear in Singapore.Unless you have friends or family living in colderclimate countries lah like Australia,cold  between May and October/November.So I got a few stuff for our loved ones back home.My boys macam tak nak balik..they actually returned to the shop after the first loot to get more stuff.Eh,I also lah hehee.And add the best price,service was warm and friendly like meeting and old friend.I was welcomed by a sweet lady in hijab named Yanti.And a few more malays I reckoned were students..welcoming us warmly and to see us again when we left (so right,they did see us again hahaha).I got a feeling we were not alone making encores hhehheheee.

There were other shops selling interesting stuff as well and very enticing but alhamdulillah our nafs in control still hehehheee....not easy ok!Had lunch of halal kebabs and simply rest and relax.What a slow laid back feeling we had eversince we touched down WA.Almost everyone was not in a hurry scurry.They looked so happy even the cleaners,smiling and so cheery doing their job.Cool.

Then we headed to King's Park,an encore since the first time it was raining and had to scoot for the guys' Jumuah.It was slightly crowded with picnickers...another pretty calm sight of families on grasses,sitting chatting eating kids running...typical sight.I felt happy with what I see,everybody having a good family bonding time.My boys could not resist rolling down the slopes a few times and play catching.It is a beautiful park indeed,overlooking Swan River,Perth City and more.We lepak there for a while and then we had to head to our apartment before my husband returned the rented car.Aww..bye bye whitey.It was an awesome smooth toyota.No trouble,always comfy.Husain accompanied his father to Bayswater rental place...simple return.Drop key and park.Thats it,simple as that..Although the office had closed.Alhamdulillah,no new scratches,bumps etc to report.Easy right.

Then from there,the heroes had to take a bus to go back to the apartment.A free bus though,it is called CAT bus,and they're taking the yellow catbus and conveniently stopped slightly right under the nose of our apartment.Nice.They reviewed the bus trip and we planned to round the streets and shops the next day by CATBUS.Husain told almost everyone alighting hollered a thank you to the driver.How polite.Nice right.So I could not wait for the next day to come,our final whole day in Perth.

Ok..pictures as usual..

The shop we adore.Price and stuff...candy to the eyes,easy on the pocket.

Chance upon Malaysian students and chat for a while.While waiting for them to finish,we take picture,photo bomb all lah.

Some buildings infront of where we parked our car.

Where there are stalls of interesting things and souvenirs inside.I love the structure.

Somewhere in Fremantle.

Inside Eshed,the stall where we had our kebab lunch.Yumm.

At King's Park.Breathetaking view.

The twin brothers sit and relax like most people there.How calming.

Famfie <3

Saw this.

Another great view from King's Park.

Irresistable ok.But I didnt...hahahhahah!!Go ahead kids...tak kena fine golek sini.

Swan River and the highway.

Names of those who fought in WW2.

Perth City from King's Park.

You can read the names of the brave people who fought in the War.

Not Lavender

Don't know the name for these but pretty.

Another unique tree.


King's Park is gorgeous..more gorgeous of Perth City panaroma when at night.

Ok bye bye whitey...our dear rented car,always a good 'boy'.

Waiting for a YELLOW CATBUS.There is a screen telling how long more till your colour bus arrives.Cool isnt it.

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