Day Nine and Ten:Ended with a Blast...yes,fireworks :)

 Finally,this last post would be a combination of two day journal.It was a Sunday on the nineth day there.Since our rented whitey was returned the previous day,we planned to have a 'blend with the locals' day in town.Took free CATBUS to and fro.It was an easy journey.You can never get lost in syaa Allah.One thing that was sweet in this trip,almost everything is tourist friendly.And we were so glad we itinerary this trip ourselves alhamdulillah.It was not hard to find halal food,free transport,rent a car,less pricey apartment hotel but with EVERYTHING in it,warm and helpful locals,cool breeze,serenity etc etc.Husband just mentioned that the if there was a next time,we would do a lighter budget trip than this one in syaa Allah.Since all of us are ONE kaki,no mr/miss fussy,no shopoholics just nature lovers,make do with everything less and thankful with anything extra,make the best of every moment and everything else that is simple and non too ambitious,a cheap trip to Australia especially here in WA is affordable in syaa Allah.There are a few pretty places that are free to enjoy like Lake Monger,Kings Park,Swan River,London Court (window shop and immerse in the brief walk of London aura) you know...simply joy like these,is quite enough for us to find joy and make sweetmemories  out of them.Oh yes,there are a few beautiful beaches also!!But we did not stretch till there.Maybe next trip heheheee.

And on the Tenth day,well,it was the day to bid farewell WA.Kind of sad lah but I did miss home and looked forward to being a good resident of Pandan Gardens,resume...hahahhahah!!!But truly,I love my estate.Small quiet and lots of water around :) So we checked out with a chirpy bye bye to the morning shift staff of the apartment and took a taxi to the airport.We were early.So ample time to fill in departure forms for all.Nothing much to declare,not as strict as arrival procedure.Since we had a few hours as tourist before taking off,sat in a cafe and the boys went to the praying room fo zuhr.Still got an hour or less to hang around,we went to a little shop that sells books and candies and souvenirs.Bought myself a book with the balance I had with me and some packets of chocs for the boys and for our loved ones back home as well.The airport was going through renovation or upgrading rather.Cannot compare with Changi lah ok.

Touched down around 7ish pm.We ate dinner at the kopitiam in the terminal that we arrived.It felt soooooooooooo goood to be back in Singapore.The people,well,not as readily smiling as what we sometimes experienced in Australia but its okay,we embraced that in our living years already right...no sweat,respect the differences all the same.It was so good to see our makan culture at the kopitiam enjoying local foods,even the cashiers in the stalls made me smile.Because all these are so familiar and I could relate to...unique Singapore.Alhamdulillah.

My boys had chicken rice,husband of rice and dishes,and myself...mee soto.Alhamdulillah.Took a taxi home and masya Allah,what a happy relief to be home again.The boys missed their rooms.I missed my kitchen and bed.So happy not much laundry to do as we did mostly in the apartment hotel in Perth.Simply stack and put in the cupboard...voila!!The washing machine and dryer helped a lot to lessen my jet lag.Ala...not much jet lag lah.5 hours of flight journey is still ok...with the entertainment and food inflight,the hours in the plane to me lah,was just nice.I enjoyed the flight a lot.SQ is good.The stewards and stewardesses were fast and attentive.Although there was one during our flight to homeland,who seemed like showed not much interest in her work ke aper because she shuffled herself without saying a word or gesture when I asked her if where she had stood was our row of seats (pretend politeblur la i know that row was ours) as she was standing there to err...'welcome' passengers hahhaha!Oh well,the rest were pretty efficient and focused.Flight food was yum...got my favourite spiced eggplants.My kids didnt eat those so I ngaps them all.Heeee.

Alhamdulillah...we were truly happy and contented with our Australia trip.And best it had been within our budget and happy we managed to control our spending there.10 days at that.Sweet sweet sweet.Would love to make a going back...got to fill those pockets first lah eh,dun berangan jauh2 yet.So here are the pics of our final days there.Oh yeah...the night before we leave for home,there were fireworks just infront of our window apartment.Sweet ending wasnt it!!Ya Allah..macam tetau kita nak balik besoknyer.Heee.Well,the fireworks was from a christmas pageant in the streets there.Nothing to do with us la hahha!But we felt happy anyways. :)

Hope you find this travel journal helpful someday.It is affordable if we can keep it simple and do some research to places that wont cost a bomb or simply free like the pretty beaches and cliff oceans in Albany,Cape Leeuwin and more.My favourite was Windfarm and Cape Leeuwin.Mesmerising till today and counting.I believe we missed lots of more beautiful nature finds there but we could only travel so much so far in only 10 days right.So,yeah...do consider these places and more ok.Alhamdulillah for this mesmerising trip.

Took free catbus to here.Only a few bus stops from our apartment.There was a kiddy carnival going on.Very vibrant alive and happy mood here.

Famfie in the midst of rest and relax.

Inside London Court.There are little touristy shops.Look see look see is enough lah.

I thought these are plastic or bedek flowers.These are real lah you...so pretty you know,like toys.

I love the victorian feel.

Can't remember hay street mall or murray...takpelah,got nice flowers...see.

A contrast with the rest of the modern building.

The front entrance to London Court,

Ok I miss this view.The view on our way to the apartment room.

Last breakfast before we leave.Boohoo you know.We tried to clean everything what was left before we...left.

Outside our room.I love the bricks.Initially I did not like it much.

See lah what the tee shirt says.Notee right.Ok dont blame my son,I chose that..and he likes it...hahahahhah!!!

Buhbye buhbye Australia ku sayanggg....

Hassan snapped this.Perth downunder while we were upover.See ya good Australia.You are kind and pretty and nice.I recommend you in my blog ok :D

Ok,just a little note.You may ask me anything that interests you here ok.Anytime anymonth any year as long as I am still alive :) in syaa Allah.

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