That number 6.Car Rental.

If anyone had read the posts I did yesterday,point number 6 was missing right :D

I was going through details on car rental thing and did not realise I had deleted big portion of it.

Ok,since we had road trips for some adventure n exciting finds of lovely horse sheep and cow farms outside the Perth city,we had to pay more for the extra distance after 500km.Albany Margaret River and the backroads we drove on,on the way back to Perth City.The $52 per day included that extra outside city charge,full fuel upon collection of car,gps (optional),top cover (insurance,anything happen to the car in the midst,all covered).Best part of driving in WA was there was not a single toll charge for using the highways and freeways unlike some other states in the country.Road was not too crowded with traffic,hardly any horns could be heard,got adab lah when driving on the hiways freeways backroads ni.Most importantly,we were advised to follow the speed limit strictly.Didnt matter no car infront or behind you..just follow the speed limit.Otherwise,you'll get a saman ticket although you were home all rested and relaxed.They'll send love letter to you right in your mailbox.Seatbelts is a must,don't ignore it just to be more comfy without it.Put them on anyways.

Basic fee for the locals was $25,and this fee is only for those who have Aust,NZ,UK license.Sorry if I had told $25 was the renting fee for a car.$30 odd for foreigners minus the 'frills'.But still not bad lah the price.Bayswater offers a cheap fee in comparison with other rental companies.Fuel in the city is cheaper than the ones in smaller towns.$1.29cents per litre and in small town,$1.4 odd cents.Husband told in Singapore,this price may not be possible lah :D

So yeah,$52 per day for us.Price depends on the options you need and don't.It is cheaper when you only use it around the city within 100km,no gps and smaller car.You may get a good look of quote here to check your rental fee according to your needs.


Happy checking!

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