How it came to be.To Australia.

Alhamdulillah.Allah made this happen.
The trip that we had been waiting for,prayed for.To Australia.

No,it was not a reward for 'good job' in PSLE.We don't make promises of rewards for any academic exams thus far.We believe in sincerity and genuinity in using their knowledge and conscious need to do their best in whatever tests or exams thrown on them.Result is the least focus through their schooling years.It is the knowledge they value and use that is itself a reward much.

But of course.After every exams,we celebrate their effort.Not results.We celebrate their hardwork,constant self discipline,God conscious everyday,tolerance with whatever they have to make do,patience in getting the reap after the sow and being generally nice kids.These are the things we celebrate.Not As or A stars.I was asked,do you tell your kids what reward they'll get if they did well.I said no.I don't believe in that.

So what's this Australia trip all about?Whats behind it?Well....it is a trip to mark for who they(the kids) are...and for who we are.A trip that spelled years of us being they way we have been.Getting on with what is enough and not bow down to society's expectations and conformation,of how we should live our lives.

We celebrate us,this trip.And we thank Allah swt,never enough at that,that this trip happened and so so so valuable plus heartwarming kind.And like we have always done things...the trip and travel style,we did it our way with His mercy and protection,alhamdulillah.

The happiest were the kids.They had no idea husband and I were seriously making bookings of sorts since August.They smelled a rat initially but we told them,we were looking things through,don't be so hopeful by their thought..heh.Basically true.It had yet to happen and only Allah wills it.So,yeah.Husband's bonus went untouched and we scrimped here and there to make this trip happen.Well,it helps that we are not the shopping as we please kind of fam.Never our lifestyle in syaa Allah.Hence,we managed.

I would like to thank Lyn,Noraini and Roziyah for their assistance by sharing their travel experience from flight/hotel bookings, check in and departure to packing and general info on the culture of the country we visited.These beautiful ladies simply love me enough (hahahha!) to 'layan' me with questions and worries of sorts via whatsapp.Technology is beautiful isnt it when you use it right :P They helped ease our anxiety and all,prepared things here and there.After 13 years,we got to fly again with our kids this time.And this is their very maiden flight out and very maiden trip to Australia,the furthest after JB and KL heh heh.

Alhamdulillah.Till the next post.

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